I’ve been writing music to accompany the services at Unity Spiritual Center in San Francisco for many years.  Some of the tunes are meant for services in general, welcome and greeting songs, chants, invocation music and themes to fit daily services.  I’ve also written custom music to fit specific talks (or sermons for the uninitiated) in order to support the theme being presented that day.  Many of the songs have words or phrases that were part of that presentation’s theme.  Please feel free to edit all the content to match your own services, the whole point of writing these compositions was to reinforce the message for the congregation!

            I have provided my own tracks from my CD “Whatever Road You’re On” in this website so you can hear the music.  You also can purchase this CD via CDbaby or iTunes, among other CD sales websites. That would make me really happy. 
The tracks are listed here: 
MP3 Tracks           

I have created PDF’s of the keys that I personally perform these tunes in, plus the commonly used keys for singers, and I’m happy to send you a custom key if you like, or even the Sibelius files for your own editing.  The PDF’s can be found here:  PDF Lead Sheets

Then, here is a connection to everything else I've written vocally for services. These MP3's are demos, some are in really raw shape. When I'm almost through writing a piece, I demo it up for myself, and some of these are my first takes as I settle into the tune. I then use the demo as guide to entering the arrangements into Sibelius, and correcting the notes as I go. And that's the standard disclaimer! The MP3's & PDF’s can be found here:  Everything Else

            Last, but not least, I would really appreciate a donation to finance this little project. If you use the resources in my site then please leave a love donation in my PayPal Account if you decide to use my music in your service.   Muchas gracias!

It also speeds up custom service… somehow…

Thanks, one and all! Enjoy your tour of life, spirit will always find you if you want to be found.